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Which retailers are right for our High Street?

Two news items caught my attention in the last couple of weeks. Firstly, Martin Freeman was featured in the Ashbourne News Telegraph discussing his search for a suitable site for a Starbucks in Ashbourne. He argued that without the major … Continue reading

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£500,000 from Try Ashbourne First

Sometimes in life you get presented with a “no-brainer” – like Gift-Aiding a charity donation, cashing in a money-off coupon, or having the hash brown because, bizarrely, “it works out cheaper that way”.  I have a “no-brainer” plan to put … Continue reading

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Totally…Locally…Successfully? Lessons from Leek

Ashbourne’s High Street succeeds against the odds. With high parking charges, poor signage, and no coordination it’s a tough life for a retailer in our town. But we do have some excellent independent retailers who have learnt to look after … Continue reading

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Selling us short: the Retail dilemma

As Christmas approaches many retailers are hoping that they will have a good end to the year which will ensure they survive through 2013. Its hard, and the amount of empty retail property is a testament to it. Now is … Continue reading

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Try Ashbourne First: #8 Vintage Bluebird – Unique gifts and crafts

This series of blogs is about getting under the skin of Ashbourne’s high street and trying to understand what our retailers offer. Vintage Bluebird is a great example of a hidden gem. Many “gift shops” and soft furnishing outlets are … Continue reading

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…in Ashbourne

In 2007, DDDC commissioned Ashbourne Economic Assessment; a report by consultants into the wellbeing of Ashbourne and an action plan for the future. It is interesting to read it now and realise how some of the elements are still relevant … Continue reading

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10 things I like about Ashbourne: #4 Shopping: Try Ashbourne First

It may come as a surprise to some people but we do have a pretty good shopping range in the Town. There may be some concerns about the increasing number of charity shops  occupying otherwise vacant properties as a sign … Continue reading

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A Portas Pilot for Ashbourne?

12 towns around the country are going to share £1m of Government funding to implement some of Mary Portas’s findings in a way which could be replicated across the country. Submissions need to be in by 31st March. Scour the … Continue reading

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