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Why I Blog

Whenever I mention that I blog to non-bloggers I get two responses. The first is to ask why and the second is to wonder how I have the time. The second is easier to answer than the first. Advertisements

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Sitting nursing your Rusty Cobnut in the corner?

I’m a little tired of justifying my social media activity. Quite frankly I’m amazed more people my age, 48, have not realised that the world has changed. I recently spent some time with my parents and realised how disadvantaged the … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Social Contact Centre:
Picture courtesy @chrisdoidge on Twitter I write this a huge thunder storm has just passed through making the roof of my contact centre rattle and some car alarms go off. Small beer for…

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Time to move on

Since the end of January my blog has been market-related rather than me-related and I’ve found it difficult to get my mojo back and to find the way to transition elegantly. My conclusion is that I should conclude first! The … Continue reading

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