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The Value of local food

Sometimes it is worth paying a little extra for things. If price was the only consideration we would all drive the same type of car and wear clothes from the same shops. There is no real difference between electricity or … Continue reading

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The world’s finest sausage and the Ashbourne terroir

One of the joys of visiting France is to stumble across one of the local markets. They are a celebration not only of food but of the terroir – the environmental and physical characteristics which impart flavour. These characteristics produce … Continue reading

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Try Ashbourne First: #1 Fresh Choice – a foodie’s greengrocer

A few weeks ago I sat in a meeting with some of Ashbourne’s traders. They were discussing Ashbourne’s High Street and the opportunity to reinvigorate it. I have heard people criticising the range of shops and also the prices. The … Continue reading

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10 things I like about Ashbourne: #5 Food and Drink: The Ashbourne Terroir

Ah…the Ashbourne terroir! Where to begin. For a town the size of Ashbourne to have the range of pubs, restaurants and great produce is terrific. We have excellent delicatessens in Cheddar Gorge, and Bramalls (sadly, we lost H Smith this … Continue reading

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