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Speak up about traffic

It’s time we all got off our backsides and showed a little support for the Neighbourhood Plan. They must be fed up of having to bang the drum and getting little or no response. The first time I’d even heard … Continue reading

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Is Chell’s One Way the Only Way?

In 2009 Councillor Philip Chell presented an idea to the Town Council which outlined his thoughts on introducing a one way system into Ashbourne to overcome congestion. Over the intervening five years every other week seems to be marked by … Continue reading

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Lessons from a thriving High Street in East Yorkshire

I love infographics like this one which lays out well the economics of local vs national retailing. Some time ago I described in a blog my vision for the perfect market town http://ashbournevoice.co.uk/2013/11/10/the-perfect-market-town-a-vision/.  Yesterday I nearly found it. We visited … Continue reading

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose…in Ashbourne

In 2007, DDDC commissioned Ashbourne Economic Assessment; a report by consultants into the wellbeing of Ashbourne and an action plan for the future. It is interesting to read it now and realise how some of the elements are still relevant … Continue reading

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